UNIDO Institute launches the institutional capacity building component of PCP for Ethiopia

Addis Ababa | 29 June 2017

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has officially launched the inception phase of the institutional capacity building component of the Programme for Country Partnerships (PCP) for the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The project will support the Ministry of Industry in development of a comprehensive capacity building framework aimed at further strengthening Ministry’s position in implementation of national industrialization strategy.

UNIDO has been actively involved in Ethiopia since 1968, with nearly 300 projects covering a wide range of technical assistance interventions, such as vocational training, cluster building and value chain development. In addition, between 1999 and 2008, UNIDO implemented two phases of its Integrated Programme for Ethiopia. The PCP for Ethiopia brings together development partners, UN agencies, financial institutions and the business sector ─ under the leadership of the national Government ─ to help achieve the goals set out in the country’s industrial development strategy and Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II, 2015-2020). The PCP focuses on three light manufacturing sectors: agro-food processing; textiles and apparel; and leather and leather products. These sectors were chosen due to their prospects for job creation, strong linkages to the agricultural sector, high export potential and capacities to attract private sector investment.

At today’s meeting in Addis Ababa, H.E. Ato Ahmed Abetew, Minister of Industry, highlighted the positive role UNIDO has played over the years in supporting Ethiopia’s structural transformation process, from one primarily based on agriculture towards one driven by light manufacturing. He added that “in order to sustain that process major emphasis needs to be placed on developing appropriate institutional capacities which are in line with Government set targets and objectives”. In his response, Mr. Adnan Seric, PCP team member from UNIDO’s Institute for Capacity Development, underlined the experience and expertise that UNIDO has accumulated in the subject area over the past five decades and signaled organization’s readiness to support the Ministry and other branches of the government in implementation of its ambitious institutional capacity building framework.

To this end, UNIDO will support during the inception phase the ministry’s task force in development of a strategy document that is to prioritize areas of capacity building interventions, propose a roadmap for improvement of organizational and technical capabilities at federal and regional levels as well as help in design of pilot initiatives aimed to strengthen collaboration between ministry-led institutes and private sector.


For further information, contact Adnan Seric, UNIDO Project Manager, at A.Seric@unido.org .