As part of its mandate, the UNIDO Institute has the following tasks:

  • Carry out economic research and analysis to support UNIDO’s programme development in the framework of the 2030 Agenda and to inform policy decisions taken by the Organization
  • Identify and implement a coherent research agenda to monitor, describe and forecast industrial development trends
  • Develop a conceptual framework to understand the determinants of inclusive and sustainable industrialization at the international, regional and country level.

Research Papers

The research team regularly publishes research papers on inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

Please access them here.

Industrial Development Report Series

IDR 2015

The Industrial Development Report series is intended to build on development policy experience and contribute to a refinement of the international development agenda. The reports provide guidance to policy makers and assist both public and private stakeholders to formulate, implement and monitor national strategies for effective poverty reduction through sustained productivity enhancement. The reports can be downloaded here.

International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics

The International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics is a flagship publication of UNIDO that provides economists, planners, policymakers and business people with worldwide statistics on current level, structure and trends in the manufacturing sector. The Yearbook is designed to facilitate international comparisons relating to manufacturing activity and industrial development and performance. It provides data that can be used to analyse patterns of growth and related long-term trends, structural change and industrial performance in individual industries. It can be ordered here.


Manuals, Guidelines, Reports

UNIDO publishes several publications in different areas related to industrial development, such as:

UNIDO International Centre for Science and High Technology (ICS) – Publications Archive

This page presents a series of articles, books and proceedings which were published by the UNIDO International Centre for Science and High Technology (ICS) in Trieste, Italy. They include scientific books, articles, papers, posters and workshop proceedings published in-house or in internationally recognized scientific magazines.

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